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Valerie Killifer

How Rubio’s catering serves up success

When Rubio’s first launched its catering program in 2007, the menu had limited options and operational support. Now with a firm strategy in place and a thriving catering program across its 190 units, the company is well poised to grow…

0 Comments / April 2, 2015

Reward programs that drive catering loyalty

Restaurant operators have an arsenal of tools from which to choose to drive engagement among catering customers.

0 Comments / March 18, 2015

Catering Leadership Profile: Richard Hodges, la Madeleine

la Madeleine’s head of operations on his quest to build catering sales.

0 Comments / February 4, 2015

Catering at Le Boulanger

How Le Boulanger turned into a catering superstar.

0 Comments / October 6, 2014

Marketing your services: Q&A with Paul Wartman

Invest in good marketing design and always be consistent.

0 Comments / October 6, 2014

The centralized service model for restaurant catering

How to drive ecosystem efficiency through control points and proper inflection during the catering service process.

1 Comment / September 17, 2014

Catering menus to specialty-needs diners

Win the veto vote by providing catering-specific menu items to consumers with special dietary needs.

0 Comments / September 16, 2014

How to price your catering menu

The top 5 pricing strategies every catering director should know.

0 Comments / September 12, 2014

The link between catering, rewards and loyalty

Reward and loyalty programs for restaurant catering customers can increase consumer spend and brand revenue.

0 Comments / September 11, 2014

Operational efficiency to build sales

By Juan Martinez, Principal, Profitality I would like to offer you the following two top-line recommendations for expanding your multi-unit restaurant business: 1)      Get in the restaurant catering game. 2)      Do it right! So what does this mean? The first one…

0 Comments / September 8, 2014